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Carers email of appreciation

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Thank you very much much for this email of appreciation from one of our valued carers, it is lovely to receive this

Afternoon Claire & Jo ….

I felt the need to write to you both to throw some positivity into the mix ….

We are all “busy busy" doing our best to support each other both as carers and in the office and we have a tendency to pick up and hear the negatives and usual moans and groans.

But with having the pleasure speaking to Lucie at Newport College recently it was clear to see the passion that we have as a company and how we have built the trust and reputation to where we are today.

What initially sold the company to me when I joined was the enthusiasm that Jo put across to me and that still shines through everyday which is a credit to you Jo!!!!

The team in place has the desire to succeed and its very much person cantered at all levels which I think is key and something as Lucie said is the core of the "Wight Home Care" success story so far.

Which is why I felt the need to express this today.

Over the past few weeks additional new members have been added to an already valued office team and now these people are settling into their new roles we are seeing things progressing and clearly making a difference.

I would like to say it's great to have the coordinating team (Taz & Kim) in place and I fully appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure these calls are covered along with everything else the service user needs.

So "Well Done" guys and thanks for all your understanding and support too

Please pass on my thanks to Gemma too as I have found her very approachable and clearly making a difference in her role and giving the carers that much needed support out in the field so great to have you on the team!!!

Lucie has been a huge help and I value her advice in my role, as I’ve said before, she like us all has the same passion to make all this a success going forward.

Charlotte has been a breath of fresh air to the office and as you will know I feel the first impressions are key to make us stand out from the rest, dealing with her over the past few weeks it's nice to see and indeed hear on the phone a positive vibe and I wish her well in her new role and look forward to working with her.

Karen, Tina and Ruth are brilliant and nothing is too much trouble, always willing to listen and give the help and advice when it's needed so thanks guys.

Which leaves you Claire and indeed Di who have been so supportive and understanding throughout and I truly value that!!!!

As you know it's good to make a difference and be remembered in a positive way, bringing a simple smile to a service user's face means a lot to me as it shows I’m doing my job properly and that's thanks to you guys making the job enjoyable and being part of a team.

Keep Smiling guys …. 😊

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