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Assisted Daily Living.

Your Care, Your Choice

Wight Home Care provides high-quality home care and support to keep you safe, comfortable, and living independently in your own home.

We build care packages around you to support you to maintain your current lifestyle. This could be from a visit each day to 24-hour live-in care. Each person is unique, with their individual preferences and requirements.


We help to give you control of your life, and provide you with the care and support you want, where and when you want it. 



Assisted Daily Living is a list of basic activities necessary for independent living at home.


These activities are performed on a daily basis:

Personal hygiene – showering or bathing, grooming, and oral care.

Dressing - being able to make appropriate clothing decisions and physically dress and undress, with or without assistance.

Eating - to encourage to make a meal/support to make a meal and to encourage to feed oneself or assist to feed if required.

Maintaining continence -  to promote independence with continence but offer support to assist within incontinence support if required.

Transferring/Mobility - to promote independence with mobility but offering guidance and support using moving and positioning equipment where appropriate.

A person's level of independence is determined by whether they can perform these activities on their own or they need help from someone else.

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