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Good news story Client B

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Before the pandemic started Client B was cared for at home and had a good social life, often going into town and liked to watch football, he is an avid Charlton Athletic supporter.

While doing his care calls, he would often talk about Charlton and how well they are doing and whether they won and what position they are in the league.

When the pandemic took hold Client B ended up in hospital, and during this time his carers changed company’s and we lost track of Client B

While working for WHC the team noticed Client B’s name come through on a referral so we jumped at the chance of taking the package, getting client B home

And as luck would have it some of his old carers are now working for WHC, we managed to get client B home and welcomed him with some familiar faces.

One carer in particular decided to contact Charlton Athletic to see if we could get a signed photo of the team as he knew this would make client B happy.

The next day Charlton Athletic contacted the carer and due to the heart-warming story were more than happy to help, thanking the carers for all the hard work in getting this client home.

They sent a calendar, a teddy bear, a hat all in the Charlton Athletic kit, also a signed photo of the team.

When presented to Client B he was so happy, he shed a tear and said to the carer “thank you so much, no one has ever done anything like this for me, I love Charlton Athletic and you have made my day, two weeks ago I was lying in hospital with nothing, thinking I would never get to go home, and now look at me, I have my flat and my carers back, also a hat I am going to wear every day from my beloved Charlton Athletic”.

Sometimes in care a story like this comes out and needs to be shared, as the pandemic was hard and still is for both Clients and carers, it’s the positive differences we make to client’s lives, that make the job so rewarding.

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